Triggers & Smells

I was wondering if anyone else is triggered as badly as I am when it comes to smells?

For me it’s Indian food- Curries!

My abuser & his wife were Indian so their house always smelled of curry which is such a powerful smell as it is so throw in CPTSD & you have a serious problem.

I don’t eat it, never have & never will. When I see a Indian restaurant I cross the street to avoid it. Just seeing if makes me feel sick.

Now that’s good in theory but we have moved to a new apartment & we have Indian neighbours. Almost every day when I come home, I walk up the stairs & I’m instantly smacked in the face with the smell of curry. I’m taken right back to my abuse & I have flashbacks almost everyday now just from these smells.

I joked to my fiancé that I should carry a peg or nose plugs in my bag just so I can walk up the stairs without getting triggered. Maybe it’s worth a shot, Ill let you know!

Sometimes if I forget to put the door snake to cover the crack under the door the smell comes through & I can be sitting in our lounge room & smell it Ahhhhh That’s when I get so annoyed cause the f**ken smell is following me to my comfort zone! There’s not a lot I can do about it because as much Id like to tell them to stop cooking curry its not going to happen in this lifetime! And I’m not moving that’s for sure!

As a suffer of CPTSD our seances are so effected, it could be the smallest sound, touch, smell or sight & we are thrown into a flashback panicked state.

Another thing that get me is BO aka Body Oder Ahhhhh it makes me sick. How can people walk around smelling like that & not notice? I carry a can of deodorant in my bag at all times & put it on many times a day. Honestly when I smell it on people I want to hand them my deodorant & say “Please put this on for the good of all around you” YUCK!!!!!!!

As I’m writing this I can see my abusers BO stained shirt YUCK

The human mind is an amazing organ. We can do almost anything BUT being constantly reminding about out trauma in our day to day lives is just such a horrible thing.

Am I alone in this or are there more out there that also experience this?


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