Not looking after myself

So the last week has been terrible, Iv been like death warmed up & haven’t left the house let alone the bedroom for almost a whole week.

Having CPTSD we tend not to look after ourselves the way we really should, we put everyone else ahead of us & forget about number one.

Iv been stressed & run down for the last few months so I’m not surprised I got this sick but Wow I didn’t think Id be this bad.

So I got the flu (don’t know who or where from) then it went onto my chest so Iv ended up with a chest infection as well.

Now the thing that’s made it so unbelievably uncomfortable is the fact that we are had one of the hottest Octobers on record its been over 30 degrees (High 80s for my US followers) everyday.

All I wanted to do was lay in bed with the blanket over me, sleep, watch movies & try to get better but because of the heat that wasn’t going to happen. Id put the fan on & have the blanket over me but then Id get worried Id get a chill. It was a lose lose situation.

Okay because I wasn’t well Id forgotten to take my medication like I do every morning cause I know it makes life so much easier. After 3 days I was getting sicker & so much more depressed, I was a total mess.

I was a nasty bitch to my hubby but he just took it cause he’s so amazing. Thankfully he’s so understanding & didn’t care he just wanted me better.
Because I wasn’t taking my medication I wasn’t sleeping so I was getting worse as I was getting the rest I needed.

One night I didn’t get one minute of sleep, he got up at 6.30am & found me on the lounge watching some crap on the Crime Channel, yes I know really smart watching that. He marched me into bed & told me not to get up till he got home. I did what I was told.

After making the realisation that I wasn’t taking my tablet 4 days later I took it straight away. I got the sleep & rest I so desperately needed.

What people don’t realise is that this medication helps regulate the chemical imbalance that has happened to us due to traumatic events. If you stop taking it suddenly you can make yourself very sick. Always get medical advice before stopping any type of antidepressants. Be very careful.

A flu that should have past in a few days turned into the horrid experience, not taking care of myself & not taking my medication made me feel like I was on deaths door.

Thankfully I’m recovering now & going back to class so I can graduation from my course & be very proud of myself for the first time in a very long time.

Be kind to yourself



2 thoughts on “Not looking after myself

  1. It is so important to learn to care for yourself and to ask for help from others. Just really learning that after a lifetime of living. Glad you are feeling better and able to get back to school. You can always be proud of all your accomplishments you have made to get you to where you are.

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