Never give up on your friends



3 thoughts on “Never give up on your friends

  1. I feel ashamed to say this here…AND I feel ashamed now to post this very true post about not giving up on friends. I have one particular friend who keeps posting things on my FB page about Let it go and move on..leave family in the past, and things that indicate others have recovered from worse , you only live once type stuff.. I love her dearly, but it is really making me judge myself. My CPTSD has only recently been diagnosed (after yrs of depression)as memories have come up. Then Mom (emotional abuser died & Bro stole estate) and I am having difficulty coping w sorting through all the lies i have lived with – the grief – and had to put the CPTSD to the side..I can see that I am beginning to pretend I am ‘fine’ again and falling deeper into myself. Isolating, Zero self care. I guess I am confused – I think I am staying in my ‘comfort zone’ (home) seeing my Doc& Counsellor while I calm down fm all this recent stress..They – (and I) feel it is good. But the last little while I am questioning myself…all these years..maybe I won’t improve..I am feeling pressured again – just when I am feeling that it might be worth it to keep that these abusers are out of my life. I am sick and tired of trying to explain. So what? Fake it? or Explain? or Withdraw more.. I don’t want to dwell on negativity – I want to accept where I am – sort through my New Truth – thereby creating a NEW GROUND under my feet. Hopefully then I will be more able to live with these symptoms and have healthy coping mechanisms. I am older than a lot here – I am 58 and was a Career woman – no kids. Alone & happy w that


    • I too have a few friends like that. They were always saying “Just move on & forget about it” it used to be so upsetting as I’d love to be able to do that but as a suffer of CPTSD that’s really not an option. The way I got through it was giving them the medical details of our illness & to my surprise they really understood a lot better & have been so much more understanding & supportive. In saying that there has also been “friends” who don’t want to understand so iv had to cut those people out of my life. It might feel hard at first but trust me it really helps & you won’t even notice they are gone.

      I completely understand about locking yourself away from the world, I do that too. Sometimes we need to do that just to be able to cope with things. I really hope that you will begin to feel better about things & finally work through this stuff. Just make sure that you take care of number one & have only supportive people around you.

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      • Thanks for that – I went to a 12 Stepprogram for 15 yrs..but when all this came up – The tools of the program could only help so much..and the people there that I loved so much just became so frustrated w me that I just couldn’t Let it go…That is when I began isolating..and letting go of all my supports..I have a couple who have gone through similar- That gives me hope. 😉 Thanks again xo

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