Im In A “It’s Complicated Relationship” With Sleep…

It hasn’t been a very good relationship for as long as I can remember. And the hard thing is that I LOVE sleep & having CPTSD I really need it to function.

Yes I know I posted about how amazing meditation was & that it helped so much with my sleeping but that didn’t last very long. I used it for a few nights but the novelty wore off very quickly.

Not even sleeping tablets are helping now. They don’t seem to be doing what they are meant too.

Having PTSD/CPTSD is hard enough as it is without doing it on little or no sleep.

I learnt years ago that putting movies & TV shows on that I know & love is the best way to lay in bed. I put them on & not even watch but listen then eventually I fall asleep.

It’s 1am & like every other night I’m wide awake. Switching off is really hard to do at the moment.

They say exercise is a great thing so Iv dusted off the treadmill & started using it but like most other things it’s not working either.

Iv said it before & I’ll say it again. I wish we had a switch behind our ears where we could turn off our brains & get the much needed sleep we need.

Unfortunately we don’t have one so we have to try & find other ways to deal with the constant over thinking, memories & anxiety.

Thankfully I’ve got a huge movie & TV show collection so I’ve always got something to distract myself. Then there is good old Candy Crush. I play that until I get really tired. It works wonders.

Have you got any ideas to help with sleep?

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself.



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