Complex PTSD & Concentration.

Actually I should say Complex PTSD & complete lack of concentration.

I am obsessed with travel & my favourite thing is to read travel books & articles. But lately my concentration has been so badly effected, I loose where I am up to or my brain doesn’t process what I’m reading so I have to go back & read the same thing over & over again. It’s horrible.

Even with my writing I am finding it so difficult to write as I keep forgetting what I want to say. I think ‘Wow. That’s a fabulous idea, I’ll write all about that” then when I sit down at the computer I can’t seem to get the words out. It’s so annoying cause Iv got so many stories & ideas but my brain isn’t working in my favour at the moment.

Aside from this blog I also have one about travel . Travel is my life. It makes life worthwhile. Knowing I am going to see & experience new things gets me so excited.

Unfortunately since I haven’t been doing the best getting my adventures onto the keyboard isn’t working for me.

Even everyday things are hard. I think I have to do this that & the other but I either forget or once I start doing something I get so distracted by my thoughts that I stop what I’m doing or forget what I’m doing.

The human mind is an incredible things but wow it can be our worst enemy. As suffers of CPTSD our minds are on the go constantly but when we need them for things other than worrying or stressing, they seem to let us down.

Have you been effected by lack of concentration? Does it wreck things you love too? Have you found a way to help with this?


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