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Complex PTSD & Friendship

Iv read & been told that being honest with your friends is the best option when you aren’t doing the best.

So lately Iv been completely honestly with them & told them how I’m really doing. It’s meant to be the best thing for both of us in the friendship.

Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case for me at all. Iv been honest & everyone seemed to disappear quietly. Less calls & texts then simply no contact at all.

I need my friends now more than ever but they are no where to be seen. It’s heartbreaking.

I’m the type of person who’s always there for my friends no matter what so now that I’m in desperate need for them no one is there.

I’m starting to think that it was the worst mistake being honest with them. I should have kept my mouth shut & just pretended that everything was fine, that way I’d still have people around.

I know how hard it must be to hear that your friend is going through hell but it’s even harder to walk away & leave them.

I’m in my 30s now so the chances of making new friends isn’t really going to happen. Especially since I’m not even leaving the house these days.

Thankfully I have my husband who is also my best friend but sometimes you really need other friends to talk to about random things.

Have you experienced the same thing? What did you do?

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